Khloe Kardashian celebrates her 36th birthday with a bigger-than-life party

Truly Khloe Kardashian Fashion, she celebrated her 36th birthday with a bang!

Saturday keeping up with the Kardashians Star kicked off her birthday festivities by reading “sweet and beautiful messages” from her fans and followers.

“Hi guys! It’s barely 9 AM and I’m awash with so many sweet and beautiful messages,” she wrote on Twitter. “I love you so much and I couldn’t feel more loved! Thank you 1 million times, thank you! I love you ALL.”

Soon after, Khloe teased behind-the-scenes footage of her bigger-than-life party plans. On Instagram Stories, she showed off the huge pink balloons that filled her home (and also spelled her nickname Koko), the stunning bouquets of flowers she received, and the delicious sweets on display.

Also, the founder of Good American had an inflatable slide that showed his face. Yes really! And that wasn’t the only thing he had with his famous appearance. Pillows, cookies and more featured images of herself.