Ken Jennings Twitter villain ‘Bean Dad,’ address ‘endangers old tweets!’ Plummet hosting opportunities

Crisis! Interim host and Alex Lex Trebik, Ken Jennings’ supposed successor, didn’t get the best week online. Before New Year’s Eve, the champion apologized for old, sensitive tweets, including a six-year-old post in which he wrote, “There is nothing more sad than a hot guy in a wheelchair.” And on Sunday, Jennings tried to defend his podcast host, John Roderick – whose Twitter nickname is now “Bean Daddy”, who has been labeled a child molester by some and whose own bad tweets have surfaced.

Over the weekend Roderick shared a long story in which he said his nine-year-old daughter told him he was hungry, and he reacted by telling her to make beans in roasts – when he found out he had never taught her. How to use a can opener. Instead of helping her baby prepare meals, she struggled with the device alone for six hours in what became known as the “Teaching Moment” – a process in which she noticed “tears” and her daughter being “broken”.[ing] Frustrated throat. ”

Like The Hollywood Reporter Notes, some Twitter users have dubbed the ordeal “child abuse”. Defending himself, Roderick wrote, “My story about teaching my daughter how to use a can opener and how to overcome her frustration came on the Twitter version, where I am being accused of child abuse. That’s amazing. My baby is all right. He added: “The best part about this parenting anxiety-troll ratio is that they beat up how to deprive my child of baked beans for the sixth hour is child abuse. The length of time between meals is six hours. Lunch, lunch at six o’clock. They are literally telling the kids. “He has since deleted his account.

But the controversy led to some others on social media, more information about Roderick’s posts – posting screenshots of him, THR Includes notes, anti-Semitic messages and defenses for using racist and homophobic slurs.

Jennings, who co-hosts the podcast Omnibus With Roderick, initially joking about the writer-composer’s “Bean Dad” fiasco, To tweet, “Very jealous and annoyed that my podcast will become a co-host dictionary entry and I will never be.”

“If this gives anyone comfort,” he said Added“I know John personally that (a) a loving and attentive father who (b) tells intensely effective stories about his own erasability like ten podcasts a week. This site is very dumb.”

When faced with Jennings’ Rosaric’s “strange anti-Semitic shit” Replied, “If we are now word-searching through old tweets, it is very easy to find out what he really thinks about anti-Semitism. In our show he is always pro-Israel! ”He later Added There is no axis where the anti-Semitic screenshot represents any real opinion I have heard from him. “