‘Ken Jennings at risk!’ We apologize for the sensitive tweets

Following the announcement of past tweets, it was revealed that Jennings “Crisis!” No. The first guest will be the host. Following the death of longtime host Alex Trebek in November after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Jennings tweeted on Wednesday, “Hey, I just want to take ownership of the fact that over the years on Twitter, I’ve definitely tweeted some relentless and insensitive things.”

“Sometimes they acted like jokes in my head and I was shocked to see how they read on the screen,” he wrote. “In the past, I could usually leave out bad tweets to get attention. At least that’s the way they can give smart answers and even advocate. Deleting them felt like whitewashing a mistake.”

He added Leaving the tweets, he believes that “I can give the impression of being the bha through every failed joke I post here.” “It’s not like that,” he said.

Another tweet read, “Sometimes I said dumb everything and I apologize to people who were offended (right!)” Really sorry. “

Some Twitter users responded by sharing some recently deleted tweets from 2014, in which Jennings wrote that “there is nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.” He In 2018 he apologized for the tweet Writing “It was such an inappropriate joke that it meant something different in my head and I’m sorry for the plain reading about it!”

Jennings ended her tweets on Wednesday by looking ahead.

“If 2020 has taught us anything, we should be kind to each other,” he wrote. “I’m moving towards 2021 with that in mind.”