Kelly Loffler tests positive for covid but goes through more testing

Lofler tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, but subsequent testing returned Saturday evening as inconclusive, campaign spokesman Stephen Lawson said.

During most of the day’s publicity programs on Friday, Loffler was masked with Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. David Perdue. The trio boarded a bus from the airport in two campaign events for the impending election of the Georgia Senate seat in January.
On November 20, 2020, in Canton, Georgia, Vice Presidents Mike Pence and Georgia Sen. during a majority rescue rally.  Kelly Lofler surveyed attendees.

“Senator Lofler took two COVID tests on Friday morning. Her rapid test results were negative and she was cleared to participate in Friday’s programs. She was informed in the evening after Friday’s public programs that her PCR test returned positive, but she “After talking to medical officials on Saturday morning and those results came back inconclusive on Saturday evening,” Lawson said.

“She has no symptoms and will comply with the CDC guidelines by keeping it separate until the response is decisive and will be updated at that time,” she said.

The campaign official added that Loffler was notifying her with whom she had direct contact while she awaited further tests.

“Senator Loffler is in my thoughts. I pray that his test results come back negative and that he will return to this campaign trail soon. Blessings,” he said. Rev. Said Raphael Warnock, His Democratic opponent in the next runoff.

This story is breaking down and will be updated.