Katy Perry rubs the bump in a purple swimsuit on a beach with Orlando Bloom – Hollywood Life

Katy Perry looked amazing with her tummy while lounging on the beach in a strapless purple swimsuit with fiance Orlando Bloom and friends Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner.

Katy Perry, 35, was an excited expectant mother who was fully enjoying her summer on July 26 when she was out on a beach outing with her fiancé Orlando Bloom, 43 and friends Karlie Kloss27 and Joshua Kushner, 35. The singer was seen reclining on a lounge chair and rubbing her tummy while wearing a strapless purple one-piece swimsuit at the Santa Barbara, California location, and looked absolutely radiant! She paired her swimsuit with a tanning cap and sunglasses and seemed to be 100% happy as she watched Orlando ride a jet ski. Check out the photos of the beach excursion HERE!

Orlando showed off his fit physique while riding through the water and had a non-stop smile on his face the entire time. Meanwhile, Karlie and her husband Joshua also seemed to be having a good time in their best beach outfit, which included a white one-piece swimsuit with black stripes for Karlie and black shorts for Joshua, while hanging out at the sand and in the water. Overall, it seemed like the fabulous four had a successful fun day in the hot weather!

Katy Perry
Katy Perry is expecting her first child this summer. (AP Photo / Asanka Ratnayake)

Before Katy and Orlando’s last outing, the “Firework” singer revealed that they had to postpone their wedding a second time due to the coronavirus and their next daughter’s upcoming due date. “You can’t plan more in 2020 because those plans are always canceled,” he told Mirror in a new interview “We just want to give birth to a healthy child. Everyone has to kill themselves a week at a time right now. “

Then she assured everyone that it will happen, but she and Orlando want to wait for the right moment. “Obviously, that will happen in the future, but for now we just want to give birth to a healthy child,” she explained. “And that’s what’s coming up right now!”

It is not too surprising that Katy is focusing on her pregnancy right now, considering the beauty seems to be delighted to welcome her baby into the world soon. Since she first announced that she was expecting the song “Never Worn White” in her music video in March, she has been very outspoken about her baby trip and has shared several photos of her bundle, like the previous one, on social media. We look forward to meeting Katy and Orlando’s precious bundle of joy and look forward to seeing their mother’s state in action!