Justin Fields gives the Jaguars something to think about

USA Sports Today

The Jaguars have slashed Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s draft. Now, they’ll have to think a little about whether they should use that idea on Lawrence or Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.

A week after the Saints ran back, Alvin Camara made six touchdowns in the Superdome on Christmas Day, Fields threw a new impressive deep wound and a spectacular display of toughness and toughness after taking a huge hit in the new year. On his lower abdomen in the second quarter.

While the Jaguars will take a lot to name the fields on the draft card, in 10 days against Alabama, one more chapter will have to be written. If Fields could do it again, on the biggest stage of college football, would Jaguars Lawrence seriously consider taking over the top fields?

First, Jaguars need to have a general manager. After that, they need to decide who the coach will be. The identities of those who get those jobs will go a long way in influencing the final decision.

What if former Oxio State coach Urban Meyer, who is attached to the Jacksonville job, becomes head coach of the Jaguars? He recruited fields in Columbus. Sure, in late April it will be that factor in Lawrence’s full analysis of what Fields is.

Regardless of how it all plays out, Olio State’s unlikely 49-28 win over Clemson was something more than just thinking about it. The Jets, meanwhile, will find anyone who leaves the Jaguars on board – and they certainly can’t be happier, after what happened tonight.