Judge denies request for Charles Booker’s campaign to keep Kentucky ballot box open

A Kentucky judge rejected a request by the Senate campaign for State Representative Charles Booker (D) to keep the polls open in Jefferson County until 9 pm

The judge noted that the court had already ordered that people who were at the polling place before 6:30 pm be allowed to cast their votes and that concerns about a traffic jam preventing people from arriving before They closed the polls based on “speculation”.

“This Court has ordered that those who are present inside the doors of the Exhibition Center no later than 6:30 pm may vote to accommodate those who were present in the Exhibition Center. Otherwise, the request to that the polls remain open until 9pm due to traffic congestion is based on speculation, rather than any evidence that specific individual voters cannot get to the Expo center, “the judge ruled.

Booker’s initial campaign mandate said a large traffic jam near the only polling place in the county, which includes the state’s largest city, Louisville, was impeding voters’ ability to get to the polls before 6 pm.

“As a result of this traffic congestion, voters intending to vote are being [impeded] from arriving at the polling place. Under Kentucky law, elections will close at 6 pm EST, but many early voters who would otherwise intend to vote will not be able to cast a ballot, “the court order read, which was filed. at the Jefferson County Circuit Court.

Accordingly, to ensure that the rights of eligible Jefferson County, Kentucky voters are not irreparably affected, the plaintiff requests that this court order [Jefferson County clerk] to keep all the polls in Jefferson County open until 9:00 pm, ”he added. “These voters will suffer irreparable harm if they are not given a full opportunity to be denied as a result of the unexpected and severe traffic around the precinct.”

The Jefferson County voting center, the Kentucky Expo Center, is one of less than 200 voting centers open in Kentucky on Tuesday. By context, Jefferson County alone generally has more than 200.

The site appears to allow voting to continue beyond the 6 pm deadline, with Colin Lauderdale, Booker’s campaign manager, tweeting after 6:30 that “the doors of the Expo Center have opened and voters they can cast their vote. “

“Stay online. Make your voice heard,” he added.

Kentucky is only the last state to hold primaries that were marred by long lines and confusion about how the latest polls would remain open. Similar problems plagued Wisconsin and, more recently, Georgia, with some Democrats claiming that the problems were tantamount to voter crackdown.

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McGrath had led for much of the primary, but Booker has enjoyed a boost in recent weeks from progressive activists and lawmakers, cutting the lead on McGrath’s fundraising and polls.

Updated: 8 pm