Jon Stewart thinks Confederate statues should have been removed by ‘a society that has functioned normally for years’ [Video]

“What you will find is that if you do not allow the regular order to tear down the statues representing the insurrection that sought to destroy this country and preserve the institution of slavery, if you make it impossible to do so through appeal, peaceful appeal and all of that, you’re going to end up with a spasm, ”Stewart explained to Noah.

Stewart also clarified that most of the statues are not from the Confederate era. A large number of them are from the Jim Crow era, and were built to bring fear to the lives of the black community.

“They built them to say, ‘Just so you know, I know they let you go, but I want to make sure everyone understands that we will still subdue you and bring fear into your life,'” Stewart explained.

As for those who think that removing the statues erases our history, Stewart noted: “By the way, I don’t remember the conservatives, during the Iraq War, when the statue of Saddam Hussein fell in Baghdad, I don’t remember the Republicans in the past tense, ‘Big mistake! You don’t want to erase your story. That’s your story, leave it at that!

Finally, Stewart concluded by saying that the removal of these monuments should have happened a long time ago, as he said, “This should have been done in a short time by a society that has functioned normally for years.”