Jon Stewart talks about the irresistible “silver fox” Steve Carell

The daily showIt has always been an ironic look at American politics and the media, many were shocked when their former host Jon Stewart he made his directorial debut seriously, with no jokes Water of roses. Stewart’s sophomore effort, however, feels more like a piece with the nightly show Comedy Central, both in his tongue-in-cheek approach to our country’s campaign machine, and in his inclusion of a lifelong correspondent. Steve Carell. Carell stars Irresistible as Gary Zimmer, a great DC political consultant who comes to the small town of Wisconsin to lead the mayoral campaign for a local retiree. Written and directed by Stewart, the film keeps things on the ground while leaning on the absurd real-life of our political systems. and Steve Carell’s real life charms. During the recent virtual press day for IrresistibleWe talked to Stewart about the intentional casting of a “love” like Carell, and the crucial balance of comedy and truth to satire.

Jon Stewart’s Irresistible It will be available for rental on home VOD platforms beginning Friday, June 26.