Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert reveal why Biden is the right man to lead America beyond Trump

At various times during the campaign and the Trump presidency, Jon Stewart would emerge from under the desk of his old friend Stephen Colbert to deliver heartbreaking rants on the state of the political world.

Return to The Late Show Wednesday night before the premiere of his new political satire movie Irresistible. But in the midst of a global pandemic and just months away from another presidential election, the mood was noticeably darker.

Stewart, who joked that he was going to “complete Christopher Christopher” during the quarantine, said the “politicization of basic hygiene” has been “one of the most surprising aspects” of this particular crisis. “The mask is now the snake ‘do not step on me’, it is the symbol of tyranny. It is the outfit of the authoritarian. It is the bracelet of the swastika. It’s the brown shirt.

“And I keep thinking to myself, ‘They use them in the operating rooms, right?'” He continued. He imagined people walking into the operating room and saying to his surgeon, “You take that liberal shit somewhere else! ANDDon’t wash those hands and stick them in my open wound because I’m an American!