Johnson and Johnson say the single-dose COVID-19 vaccine will be a “game-changer”

Johnson and Johnson have announced the results of its three phases COVID-19 vaccine trial And plans to authorize emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration.

The results showed 85% protection against severe coronavirus disease in adults of all ages and ethnic groups after 28 days of vaccination. The overall efficacy rate for moderate to severe disease prevention in the US was studied૨% and 66% in all countries studied, the pharmaceutical giant said.

The advantages include that it requires only one dose – as opposed to Moderna and Pfizer Two dose inoculations – And it can be stored in the refrigerator regularly.

Johnson and Johnson’s global head of pharmaceutical research and development, Dr. Mathai Mummen, told CBS News’ Dr. Tara Narula that there is no question that the vaccine will be a game-changer. “The real-world effectiveness of this vaccine is very high.”

Phase 3 clinical trials involved approximately 44,000 participants from the U.S., Latin America, and South Africa. In the study, a total of 468 people contracted COVID-19, which focused on protection against both moderate and severe cases. Anyone who received the vaccine did not die from the disease.

“What we mean by serious is feeling particularly ill at home. It’s about 0% in severe cases. Or in some cases, being sick enough to get medical help,” Men explained.

The results also showed protection against a number of emerging virus variants, including the recently discovered strain in South Africa – whatever U.S. Found in

Mom said the numbers are encouraging.

“We had an 85% efficacy against severe covid disease. And that makes sense because there’s one Diversity in South Africa That is especially problematic. So it makes it easier for me to relax, ”he said.

Coronavirus spike proteins are made using mRNA to carry the code in Pfizer and Moder vaccines, which can cause the virus to invade human cells. The Johnson and Johnson vaccines use modified, weakened versions of DNA and cold viruses to gain access to human cells. It then responds to the immune system and teaches the body to fight the real coronavirus.

Asked why Johnson and Johnson needed only one dose of the vaccine, Memon explained that they “went through an experimental process and chose the best option, optimized for neutralizing antibodies, binding antibodies and T-cells.”

“So we’re able to achieve more immunity than a typical single shot.”

Bali Pulendran, an immunologist at Stanford Medicine, believes that a single dose of vaccine can only help. Biden administration plan To increase availability.

He said, ‘I prefer to go to get my shot, I have to go in a month or three weeks to get my second shot.’

The potential single-dose vaccine will “have a huge impact on public health,” Pulendra said.

“From a clinician’s point of view, it is much easier to administer a single dose of vaccine,” he said.

U.S. The government has prepared about 100 million doses, but Johnson and Johnson expect less than 10 million doses in February alone.

CBS News asked Dr Mame about reports of production delays. He said the company would meet the U.S. mandate by June, and would do a billion doses globally this year.

Johnson & Johnson’s data still needs to be reviewed by the FDA.