John Bolton defends book title after Meghan McCain called it “insulting” to “Hamilton” fans

In the Wednesday episode of The view, former national security adviser John Bolton defended the title of his revealing new book.

The room where it happened bears a similarity to a song title from the hit musical, Hamilton, “The room where it happens”. Hamilton Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda recently tweeted about the book’s title and song, accusing Bolton of writing “a paid book.”

The view Co-host Meghan McCain echoed Miranda’s criticism and asked Bolton: “Do you understand this to be a song about someone without principles … and do you understand why it is insulting to those of us who are fans of Hamilton to co-opt Lin-Manuel Miranda’s art for your own political purposes?

But Bolton initially dodged the Hamilton comparisons with its most literal interpretation. “The phrase ‘in the room’ is a phrase used in Washington thousands of times a day,” Bolton said, “so it’s fair use and I think it sums up what we were trying to do.”

John Bolton's revealing new book bears a similarity to a song title from the hit musical
John Bolton’s new revealing book bears a similarity to the title of a song from the hit musical “Hamilton”. (Photo by CHRIS DELMAS / AFP via Getty Images)

Quick History Update: The song “The Room Where It Happens” represents an event in United States history known as the “Table Deal”: a secret meeting in 1790 between Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, the Secretary Treasury Officer Alexander Hamilton and Representative James Madison.

Long story short: The closed door compromise resulted in Washington, DC, located in Potomac in exchange for the new nation absorbing the debts of the states. Hamilton He portrays it as an undemocratic moment, agreed under the table, which is McCain’s point.

But Bolton had a more optimistic view of the incident in his rebuttal, starting with a surprising revelation.

“Look, I’m a fan of Hamiltonalso, “he said.” That was one of the original commitments of the US government, one of the most important things that happened, so I don’t see why people should be upset by the description of that event, where to this day No one knows exactly what happened at that dinner in the room where that commitment was made. “

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