Jack Nickel backed President Donald Trump

Jack Nickels liked what he saw from President Donald Trump, and now he wants four more years.

The 18-time main winner posted a lengthy statement via Twitter on Wednesday, saying he had voted for Trump and urged others to do the same.

Nickels said Trump has already fulfilled his promises, although he has declined to say what victory Trump has won since entering the White House. He also claims that electing Trump is the key to avoiding “socialist America and the government running your life.”

Nickel’s support for Trump is nothing new. The Golden Bear backed Trump in the 2016 election and has since glorified his administration, praising the president as a game of golf:

“Trump is playing very well. He plays a little like me. It really never ends many holes. But he can hit the ball, and he goes out and plays and enjoys it. But he has won many club championships. He can play. “

The pair have a business relationship in the golf world, such as designing a course owned by Nickelsus Trump or a villa named after him. The Trump administration has also set aside 20 20 million for a mobile children’s hospital project backed by Nickel Lass.

Soon after Nickelson’s endorsement, Trump welcomed him with open arms:

Nickels has long been a financial donor to Republican causes, including Trump’s presidential campaign. He is also not the first big name in the sport to support Trump after fighting the coronavirus, as former Florida state coach Bobby Bow Day did last week. Apparently, John Biden has also found support in the world of sports.

It’s hard to say what effect it has on celebrity endorsement, but it’s hard to see Nickel’s tweet hurting Trump in the golfer’s home state of Ohio. Five Thirty Eight currently gives the president a 59 percent chance of winning a swing state.