It seems that the Google Pixel 4A is almost ready, and will not have radar

“Where’s the Google Pixel 4A?” That’s the question we asked him two weeks ago, which brought him up to date on how Google had apparently lost the typical window to launch its fully leaked follow-up to the company’s impressive but short-lived Pixel 4 flagship.

But a new FCC filing today, discovered by XDA-Developers, suggests that the more affordable Pixel 4A is close.

Technically, it is not a fact that the Google phone recently licensed by the Federal Communications Commission actually it is the Pixel 4A, or that Google is going to announce it soon, if it does.

All we know for sure is that the Google “G025J” can it will now be sold in the United States, and we typically see the FCC authorizing such phones shortly before they become official. Google doesn’t make many phones, and it seems likely that since “G020” meant Pixel 4, a “G025” would be a kind of half-step successor.

Ah, but I lied: we can deduce something else from the FCC filings: this phone is almost certain it will not It has Google’s small Soli radar sensor chip for “Motion Sense” gesture controls and faster facial unlocks.

Why do I say that? That radar technology uses millimeter-wave radio frequencies, which would have to be disclosed in these FCC filings … and they are not. They appeared in Pixel 4 FCC presentations as appearing between 58 and 63.5GHz. But it is not as the previous leaks suggested the Pixel 4A would do it has Soli, and it’s unclear where the sensor would have lived – leaked images suggest that the new phone won’t have the same Pixel 4-filled sensor bezel to begin with.

Here’s everything else we think we know about the Pixel 4a so far, including its rumored 5.81-inch screen, processor, battery, camera, and the return of the headphone jack and fingerprint reader.

Image: Pigtou