Iso guide: what Josef Salvat has been cooking, literally


There’s no way around it, our world has been turned upside down in recent months as the world tries to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Social gatherings are impossible, live events have been put on a long hiatus and those of us who are not working daily on the front lines of the battle against this virus and in essential services are confined to the walls of our homes, more than ever before We have had to adapt to this new normal of self-isolation and adapt quickly.

Fortunately, the Australian music and arts community is just that: a community. Ready, willing, and able to help each other through these strange times with tips, tricks, and some good insights, all included in our new Guide To Iso series!

Next in the series is Australian-born pop sage Josef Salvat, who is being quarantined at his UK home. Josef’s new album “Modern Anxiety” is on sale today and honestly, there couldn’t be a more suitable album title for his time. When you’re not writing or interpreting honestly heartbreaking heartbreaking punches, it turns out you’re making the food so delicious, it will close the deal on a budding “they will, they will not.” Generous soul that he is, Josef has kindly offered to share his recipe for love potions for us here.

About this dish

One of my favorite dishes at ISO has been this meat and kale, orange and avocado salad. I did this right before quarantine for my last crush started and he closed the deal. Then the crown happened, so we’re still living on the smoke from this salad. I have been doing it for myself since the days have passed because it only takes about 20 minutes to prepare and it is super abundant. In addition to the steak, it is also cheap. Say that you can give up the steak if you want but you can’t forget the avo (as I have done here).

What you will need

A small bowl of coriander
A small bowl of parsley
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 orange, in juice
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar

Sliced ​​almonds
1 orange, cut into segments
1 avocado, cut into segments

For the chef
It came, as much as you want.

How to do it:

Broadcast / Download Josef Salvat’s latest album Modern Modern Anxiety ’, due out today.