IPhone and iPad applications that come to Mac with Apple Silicon, developers can manage availability in App Store Connect

Apple today shared a video with more details on the availability of iPhone and iPad applications on future Macs with custom Apple processors.

Macs with custom Apple processors will share the same Arm architecture as iPhones and iPads, meaning they will be able to run many iOS and iPadOS applications without any modification or recompilation. Like traditional Mac apps, these iPhone and iPad apps will be distributed through the Mac App Store, with in-app purchase options.

A notice on Apple’s developer portal says that all new and existing compatible iPhone and iPad apps will be available in the Mac App Store on Apple’s silicon Mac, unless developers uncheck the “iOS App on Mac” box in App Store Connect. Developers have no obligation to extend their iPhone and iPad applications to the Mac.

After years of rumors, Apple confirmed its plans to switch to custom processors for Mac during its WWDC keynote address this week, promising industry-leading performance per watt. Apple said it plans to ship the first Mac with its own silicon by the end of the year and complete the transition in about two years.

Apple said it will continue to support and release new versions of macOS for Intel-based Macs for years to come, and also confirmed that it still has some new Intel-based Macs in development in the meantime.