iPhone 12 Leak reveals a powerful advantage

How fast will your new iPhone charge? It looks like Apple is gearing up to ship a more powerful charger to the iPhone 12 family retail box and offer consumers an edge over the iPhone 11. But will every iPhone benefit?

Almost every new smartphone these days, not just the flagships, will have a bullet in the line of “fifty percent empty in thirty minutes” (sort of). Apple is set to go a little faster with 2020 phones, but will the iPhone 12 change briefly?

Apple’s page for iPhone 11 Pro (and Pro Max) phones follows the crowd. After the camera, XDR display, and A13 processor functions, it appears “empty to fifty in about thirty minutes on fast charge.” This can be accomplished immediately, as the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max ship with the 18W fast charge unit.

Meanwhile, Apple can boost ‘all-day battery life’ prominently on the iPhone 11 product page, but its note on charging – nearly ninety percent of the page – is revealing. The first line is clear and recognizable; “Charge your battery up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes with an 18W adapter”; but it is the following line that kills … “sold separately”. The iPhone 11 comes with a measly 5W charger.

The latest leaked images show a new 20W USB-C charger that is expected to be part of the new retail package. Benjamin Mayo reports:

“The iPhone 11 Pro comes with an 18W USB-C power adapter, but the cheaper iPhone 11 only comes with the 5W charger. For at least some iPhone 12 models, it now appears that Apple is updating the adapter power to a new 20W USB-C adapter. The photos were released today by Mr White filter on Twitter [below]. “

The question remains whether Apple will follow the iPhone 11’s path and only supply the fast charger on the more expensive ‘Pro’ phones, or whether the entry-level iPhone 12 will get a long-awaited update to Apple’s slower charger. Since Apple is cutting the cost of iPhone packaging by potentially eliminating EarPods, I think anyone who wants a quick charge on iPhone 12 will have to pay Apple for the 20W charger.

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