Interim ‘Crisis!’ Host Ken Jennings was criticized for the wheelchair tweet

Soon after becoming an interim name, Ken Jennings is attracting excitement on social media for a hyper-sensitive message, “Crisis!” Host following the death of Alex Trebik earlier this month.

On monday “Crisis!” Public The former champion will serve as the guest host of the long-term game show. In response to the casting news, many people took to Twitter A 2014 tweet called Jennings said: “There is nothing sadder than a warm person in a wheelchair.”

As of Wednesday, 46, Jennings’ post could not be cut.

Actress Yvette was among those who commented on the casting of Nicole Brown Jennings, Tweet, “No,” “Crisis!” The story with When pushed, He told a follower, “Peek his old tweets and go back to me.”

Ken Jennings
Ken JenningsGetty Images

In 2018, Jennings addressed Controversial comment, posting: “I have never done this in public, but I have personally apologized to those who hurt me.” It was such an inappropriate joke that it meant something different in my head and I apologize for the plain reading about it! “

“Crisis!” Jennings is due to return to production next Monday.

Sony Pictures Entertainment did not immediately return a request for comment.