In most states, the U.S. Increase in cases of coronavirus | Corona virus

Only two U.S. states, Vermont and Missouri, reported average cases of coronavirus last week. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time.

Connecticut and Florida lead the country with an increase of 50% or more. Another 27 states saw an increase of between 10% and 50%, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. U.S. More than 8.1m cases have been confirmed in, with about 220,000 deaths. On Saturday, the university confirmed another 57,519 cases and 711 deaths.

In the Midwest, states including Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are seeing a sharp rise in the number of cases reported by public health officials in the reopening of schools and colleges in major cities.

On Sunday, U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar blamed an increase in cases on “reducing fatigue” before admitting that more seniors should wear masks at an indoor Trump campaign event in Florida on Friday.

“Cases are on the rise,” Azar told NBC’s Meat Press. “We’re seeing this because we’re getting colder weather and we’re losing the natural social distance that comes from being out the door.”

Donald Trump visited two hotspots this week, refusing to talk about the surge in rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin. Michigan reached more than 2,000,000 cases daily on Thursday and Friday, and weekly cases in Wisconsin reached the sixth-highest total since the onset of the epidemic.

Pressed by a Wisconsin radio station about sending the wrong message, Trump defended holding large rallies.

“I’m not a big shutdown believer,” Trump said, noting that his campaign primarily organizes rallies outside, in which crowds are mostly hidden. The president told reporters he “doesn’t see anyone” without a mask.

But by openly ignoring the health advice of those present, journalists paint a different picture on the ground. Thousands of attendees gathered without social distance and without wearing masks.

Participants selected to sit behind the president in the campaign have been given masks with the Trump label, which was announced last month to be infected with the virus. Doctors have since insisted the president has tested negative and that is clear for the campaign.

On Sunday, Trump Tweeted Rare acknowledgment that U.S. Cases are on the rise. But he also expressed a tf-debunked theory that coronavirus surgeons could be directly responsible for the increase in testing.

“The United States shows more cases than any other country,” Trump said Tweeted. “No country in the world tests at this level. The more you test, the more cases you will report. Very easy! “

Mixed messages have come from administration and campaign employees. Former New Jersey Governor and Campaign Surrogate Chris Christie, for example, urges Americans to wear masks after spending eight days in hospital themselves. But on Sunday, Republican National Committee Chairman Rona M. Kadanil appeared to be slowing the rise.

“I think it’s surprisingly contagious,” he told ABC this week. “I think people are getting sick and they don’t know where. The President’s swift action puts the country in a better position to fight this deadly virus. “

Negotiations on economic relief are still stalled. Democrats have set a 48-hour deadline for negotiations to legislate, while Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said the G.O.P. Will vote on the bill.

Also on ABC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized Republicans for seeking funding for testing and tracing their proposed legislation, noting that “communities of color die more than whites.”

“A Hispanic child has an eightfold chance of going to the hospital than a white child with covid,” he said. “A black child, five times the chance to go to the hospital. That’s because we didn’t draw attention to the problem. “

Asked to confirm reports that she has not spoken directly to Trump in more than a year, Pelosi dubbed the question. He also denied a commitment to communicate directly with the president following any agreement on the Kovid relief bill.

The top elected Democrat said he wanted to pass the bill before the November election, but said an agreement would have to be reached within 48 hours for that to happen.

“I’m optimistic because, again, we’re back and forth on all of this,” he said.