In early November, the hot trend in Halloween

After a very cold week and weeks, the trend towards hot spots comes to our notice once again.

October The normal temperature for the end of October is in the mid-decade, so we will return to normal with a few days closer to 0 degrees. This will also come with more sunshine as high pressure will be around and will eventually increase the warming temps.

West Michigan is given a 33% chance above normal temperatures on November 1-7, from NOAA’s 8-14 day temperature point of view. While it is no longer a big opportunity, it may increase in the coming days. Weather models lead us to those nice fall temps at the beginning of Halloween. Our Halloween predictions are in the middle for socially distant tricks or behaviors and in the mid 50s during the day with us in the upper 40s.

CPC Temperature Outlook.PNG

Halloween will also feature the Blue Full Moon, the second full moon of the month! That’s where the phrase “once in a blue moon” comes in, as this only happens every few years. The full moon gives Halloween an extra spooky feeling of a year that is already spooky.