If your Pixel 5’s system noise is annoying, a new update can fix the problem

As part of its January Pixel updates, Google may have fixed an issue which means the Pixel 5 system sounds may be much louder than you would like.

Since the launch of the Pixel 5 in October, numerous users on Reddit and on Google’s own support forums have reported that the Pixel 5 system can be very loud (like the sound you hear when you take a camera shutter or a screenshot), even when the phone Sound volume set to lower.

In the release notes for the January Pixel Updates, Google states that the Pixel 5-specific update “includes further tuning and improvements to the volume level of system sounds.” Some users on Reddit have reported that the system noise is very quiet after installing the update, although some say that the noise Also Calm down now.

In the release notes, there’s a list of other changes, including improvements to the Pixel 4A, 4A 5G and 5 on the auto bright-brightness, here’s a full list of Google’s “significant fixes” in the January updates:

Image: Google

Google says updates are now coming out on all supported Pixel devices running Android 11.