Ice Cube defends advising Trump on plans for Black Americans

Ice Cube Black is defending its decision to advise President Trump on the Trump administration’s “Platinum Plan” initiative to help Americans. Ice Cube, real name O’Sia Jackson, gets pushback after Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pearson Public That helped improve the rapper’s plan.

These astonished followers of the rapper, who has been Mr. Trump’s vocal critic, also dubbed him “Arrested the President” in 2018. As a white artist and known for his deadly criticisms of racism, Mr. Trump has been accused of something that was an ice cube. Accused Of Supporting Election day comes as the president’s agenda.

This year has seen a significant increase in black watts after a large summer Black Live Matter protest Demanding nationwide police reform and racial equality, Mr. Trump has repeatedly agitated Criticism.

In a series of tweets, Ice Cube made it clear that his meeting with the Trump administration was not supportive, but a series of policies to award contracts and eliminate racial inequality, including police reform, to discuss his agreement with Black America. Rafe noted that he has not yet endorsed the presidential candidate.

“Black progress is a bilateral issue. When we make an agreement with Black America, we will talk on both sides of the (wing) (assumption). Tweeted Thursday. “I would advise anyone on the planet who has the power to help black Americans close huge gaps in wealth.”

Ice cubes
This 2017 photo shows an ice cube at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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The rapper said both Democratic and Republican leaders Contacted About their policy plan. Democrats were asked to speak out about his initiative after the election, Ice Cube said, while the Trump campaign made “adjustments” to the platinum plan after talking to them. It is not clear what changes were made.

“I don’t trust any of them,” Ice Cube said in a video. Posted On Twitter on Sunday. “No president has done the right thing by us so I don’t trust any of them. So putting our hopes and dreams behind any of them just doesn’t work, we got them to do what we want them to do and there’s only one A few ways to do that. “