“I don’t think these comments are that bad”

The fact that New York Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams apparently supports star Jamal Adams’ safety in his search for a new contract isn’t really a big deal, according to former Jets head coach, Eric Mangini.

On Thursday, Williams told reporters via conference call that Adams wanted a long-term deal that “never, never mess with a boy’s contract, but I agree with that sort of thing.” Adams recently requested a trade from the Jets in frustration at the lack of a new team contract.

Mangini, who spent three years as the Jets’ head coach, did not see Williams’ comments as a shot at the Jets’ organization. Williams is entering his second year with the Jets and garnered rave reviews for his defense last year.

“I felt like I was watching one of my old press conferences,” Mangini said Friday on the Colin Cowherd show. ‘The Herd’ appears on FS1 and is distributed nationally through Fox Sports Radio.

“It doesn’t always play well when you answer questions like that. New England is criticized all the time because they try to protect proprietary information, they try to make sure that they are not creating distractions but that they are not entertaining. Many people are frustrated by the fact that the answers just don’t come from there. And it can be a pretty big negative thing, you just need to deal with the negative press that goes with that.

That said, I don’t think these comments are that bad, Colin, at all. One of the good things about being a defensive coordinator, an offensive coordinator, or a position coach doesn’t have to be the bad one. You don’t have to play that Role. What you should do is whether Jamal gets a new contract or not, you should make him play at the highest level possible. That’s why these guys are going to try to promote the relationship as much as possible. As a head coach, you’re okay. With that, you’re okay with being the bad guy. Or the GM is okay with that role.

“Position coaches and coordinators have a different luxury than you have. And they need that relationship to be as strong as possible to maximize player performance. ”

Adams is looking for a deal that will make him the highest-paid security in the NFL. It was the Jets’ only Pro Bowl selection in 2020.

Williams’ comments were spun around in some circles as overtly pro-Adams, a bit of a surprise given the way the player has taken a couple of soft shots on the team and management in recent weeks.