Hurry up and save $ 500 on a Galaxy S20 on short flash sale

In one of the shortest deals I’ve seen in a long time, Samsung is hosting a flash sale that could save you up to $ 500 off a Galaxy S20 phone and give her $ 50 to spend on accessories. The deal is only good for the next few hours.

The deal, which is one of the swap deals Samsung is constantly running (and we love that), offers you an instant $ 500 discount on a Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, or Galaxy S20 Ultra +. If you have a Galaxy S10 or Note 10 phone as well as multiple iPhones, you will get the full $ 500. But phones like the S10e, S9, Note 9, Pixel 4, or iPhone 8 will still get $ 400 off today.

How does instant discount work with an exchange? It’s very simple. It tells Samsung which phone to redeem and they give you the value today, so you could pay as little as $ 499 for a Galaxy S20. Once you receive your new S20, you will be instructed to submit your trade to verify it is worth $ 500 or $ 400. Assuming you didn’t lie, Samsung will check it out and you’ll be good.

To get an additional $ 50 for accessories, you’ll need to buy the Galaxy S20 + today. That accessory part of this promotion is not available on the normal S20 or S20 Ultra.

Buy Samsung’s 12-hour flash sale