Hunting areas guide – 15 tips and tricks to keep in mind


Predator: Hunting Grounds looks simple on the surface, but with its combination of hunting and survival, there’s plenty to look out for on both sides of a multiplayer game. Surviving, or hunting, is difficult enough on its own. So let’s take a look at some tips and tricks you can use to make searching easier, starting with a useful trick to survive.

Mud Camouflage

predator hunting grounds

The Predator has thermal vision, making attempts to blend in with the foliage around it to hide from its view almost nil. Fortunately, you can take a page directly from Arnold’s book in the original movie. If you look down at the ground and press the interaction button on your controller, you can get covered in mud. You are vulnerable while you do it, and the mud doesn’t last forever, but while you apply it it masks you from the Predator’s thermal vision; which is invaluable for your survival.

Listen to the trees

predator hunting grounds

Unlike soldiers, the Predator has plenty of tools at his disposal to avoid detection. Its nimble speed, agility, and altitude make it difficult to pin down, not to mention the fact that it can become invisible. Fortunately, even the Predator is not without a gift. When the Predator is running through the trees above you, be on the lookout for falling leaves and branches. This is a dead gift that the Predator is above you and is near.

Look at your radar

predator hunting grounds

Your radar is an important tool for your survival in Predator: Hunting Grounds. It can be used to quickly locate your allies, enemies, and targets. But even more than that, it can also be used to detect useful items in your environment, such as health packs and ammo boxes, as well as optional pickups that provide you with the in-game currency used to purchase cosmetics.

Find your target

predator hunting grounds

Keeping track of the Predator can be challenging in itself, with its high mobility and altitude, as well as its ability to become invisible. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of the point function, which can be activated by pressing Up on the directional keyboard. This will highlight the Predator for a short time on your screen and also the rest of your fire team’s screens, helping you give yourself a chance to fight your hunter.


Predator hunting grounds

Of course, if everyone knows, hunting down the fire team while the Predator becomes much more difficult. Fortunately, the Predator also has a few additional tricks up its sleeve. Pressing Up on the directional keyboard while the Predator opens a dialog wheel that allows you to imitate Fireteam players, playing a handful of lines of dialogue that sound like them. This is a great way to lure players to a region where they think they are safe, allowing them to attack to kill.

Stay together

predator hunting grounds

As a member of Fireteam, there are few safer ways to put yourself in danger than separating yourself from the rest of your squad. On his own, he simply doesn’t have the firepower or survivability to deal with the Predator. Separating makes you much more vulnerable to threats of all kinds, from enemy AI soldiers to the Predator player. It is always best to try to make sure there is at least one ally nearby.

Use distractions

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As a Predator, one of your greatest assets is simply the mission assigned to the fire team. Take advantage of your divided approach. While dealing with enemy soldiers or completing objectives, take advantage of the fact that their attention is elsewhere to your advantage.

Trapped in a place

predator hunting grounds

Along those same lines, take advantage of the nature of some of the specific targets like Predator. For example, any of the targets that require the fire team to charge or hack something requires that the player who initiated the target stay at a certain distance from him. This can make it an easy target to catch if the rest of the players are distracted by something else.

Take care of your energy

Predator hunting grounds

As a Predator, almost all of your abilities are tied to an energy meter, which runs out as you use them. This includes your active camouflage, thermal vision, and your target insulator view. These are all essential tools in your arsenal, which means that good energy management is essential for success.

Hunting for survival

predator hunting grounds

One important thing to keep in mind as a Predator is that your ultimate goal, unlike Fireteam players, is not really to survive yourself; is to make sure they don’t. As long as you kill all four Fireteam players, the match counts as a victory for the Predator. As such, when you are finally shot down as the Predator, you have the option to activate a self-destruct feature on your armor, which will explode after a short period of time and kill players trapped in the radius. It’s a final trench tool, to be sure, but it can be a way to turn a loss into a victory.

You can’t hurt your friends

By the nature of the game, fire team players will spend a lot of time shooting at a target whose location they are not completely sure of. Inevitably, this means that allies will sometimes get caught in your crossfire. Fortunately, the developers thought ahead about this probability, and as such friendly fire is disabled in-game. So don’t worry about spraying the range with your friends along the way; you can’t hurt them even if you wanted to.

The advantages of having good advantages

Part of character customization is selecting a combination of up to three different perks for your load. There is a large list of options available, and careful selection of your benefits is essential to optimize your load and give yourself the best chances of survival. Some of them are simple and universal, such as increased health or ammunition reserves. Others may be more situational, or may combine with others to make a highly synergistic construction.

Always take the photo

In Predator: Hunting Grounds, almost everything you do, from completing objectives to hitting enemy targets, allows you to earn experience points to level up and unlock them. So even if hitting the target seems like a long shot, do it whenever possible. More experience points means more unlocks and more variety and versatility in your charges.

Cover is important

Enemies, both AI and Predator player, cannot fire through cover in Predator: Hunting Grounds. This makes coverage an invaluable asset to your survival as a firefighter team player, and should always be prioritized and exploited whenever available. That piece of wood or burned car can make the difference between survival and defeat.

Get to the helicopter

predator hunting grounds

When in doubt, if you have a bad hunt like Predator, waiting for players at their extraction point can be a good way to finish them off. Everyone has to group there to escape, and hordes of AI enemies always flood the area as players wait for their escape, giving you the final chance to sneak in and take them out.