Hunter Dixon gives Michigan the power of Maryland, past 84-73

As Michigan closed the door on Maryland, freshman Hunter Dickinson of the second half pulled back with a shot from his teammate Jaras Hamilton and Eric Ayla turned him off the baseline.

Dickinson went to the right, showed Ayla the wrong thing and put the ball away. The native of Alexandria, Virginia screamed and marched towards the boundary towards the stands as Dimatha Product was relieved to play the hometowns of Terps, who claimed they did not recruit him.

Dickens scored 26 points and caught 11 boards as Michigan exploded in the second half to beat Maryland, 84-73. The freshman simply couldn’t miss, shooting 10-for-11 from the field and 6-for-7 from the free-throw line.

“[Dickinson] It had a big, physical and sporting effect, ”said Ayla. “I thought we played in the scouting report the coaches gave us. Hunter beat us as a team. We will help each other better inside and those big men. “

The shooting was 50% above the Michigan floor and was no different at College Ledge Park.

In the first seven minutes of action, the Wolverines took a 16-7 lead, with Eric Ayla reaching the scoresheet as the only Terapin. Overall, Michigan made six of his first 10 shots in the evening, while Ayla was responsible for the first three Maryland Dolls.

D medianta Scott, to become Ayala’s first teammate to score a doll, sank three giants from the right wing outside the first media deadline. The Wolverines responded with a field goal at the other end, but Scott came back with a fake handoff and three from the left wing, making it 19-13.

Maryland warmed from the cold from there as it increased its length success target, making five consecutive three-point attempts.

Things got tense in the second half of the first half, as Dickens backed Aaron Wiggins under the basket and laid him down, head coach Juan Howard was speaking half-court on the Maryland bench, and the forward jaw resulted in technicalities. For both benches.

As the game remained a tight affair, the tension continued to grow. Mark Tarzan was called in for technical misconduct after a loose yellow-ball foul was called on Hakeem Hart after a missed layout. Dickinson will also be given a technical foul after repeatedly looking and talking to the Maryland bench after scoring.

“It was that one night where she got emotional,” Turgio said. “When there are no fans, everything is heard. Maybe some of this could pass if there were fans in the building, but it was an emotional game. “

Michigan took a 46-44 lead at halftime in the locker room, as the Wolverines and Terrapins shot 58.3% and 51.6%, respectively. Maryland had the edge with seven more shot attempts, including a 9-11-11 out of the Lights out of the three-point range.

From the break, a blocked shot against Dickinson and another Wolverine turnover gave Maryand the opportunity to invest. Aaron Ron Wiggins got the ball at the offensive end after a few switches and realized he didn’t match Dickinson on it. He forged the drive and stepped back quietly as Dickinson saw the rim and gave the Turps the first lead of the game 47-06 to sink the three-pointer.

Wolverine took a 10-0 lead against Maryland with a — 500 lead that ended with a backdoor cut and slam by Eli Lee Brooks. As the bench jumped and took part in the celebration, Jairus Hamilton calmed down and gathered as he sank a quick mid-range jumper, put the turps on the planks and bounced the deficit back to four points.

Michigan responded with a 13-0 reply to the Terps with Dickinson scoring six more points, including a strong and one chance and slam.

“It simply came to our notice then [Dickinson] A little bit, but he’s a terrible passerby, “Turgen said. “Often, he defended himself with two boys there against a double team. We were switching the ball screen in a small lineup and it got an aggressive rebound on the guard. It was tremendous. “

Out of the under-eight media deadline, Dickins hit two free throws and a lapup as part of a short 6-0 Michigan run that took the game out of reach, — 6161, with: 20 left.

Three things to know

.. Maryland could not sustain its success from the cold. After a slow start to the opening minutes of Thursday’s contest, the start of this half finally began to warm up, in a way that could not be missed from outside the arc in the first half. Maryland converted nine of their first eleven three-point attempts, with Scott going full 4-of-4 from the deep depth of the first 20 minutes of action. However, as the Michigan defense disappeared into the shooting, the Terps scored three and 11-22 4-of-11 in the second half of the game.

2. The Terps internal rescue struggle. After an inspiring defensive performance against an aggressively packed Wisconsin squad three days ago, the Turps beat the Wolverines again from time to time with a dribble and allowed a smooth bucket in the rim. Michigan often managed to get into the paint easily, which would allow Dickinson’s career performance and the team to get in૨ points in the paint.

“It wasn’t as challenging as we made it out to be, but we lacked in some parts where we had to choose,” Scott said. “[Dickinson] Made some tough and got some rebounds that we should meet but we should move on to the next now. “

3. Free thrush remains an issue. Maryland has been consistently short on the charity strip this season, and has finally been taken advantage of by a good free throw shooting team. Starting shooting from .6.6 percent this season, Maryland finished around its average on Thursday night, converting only four of its six attempts. In contrast, all play on the Michigan Free Throw line was long, near-perfect 18-20.

“We made them against Wisconsin at Crunch,” Turgio said. “Tonight, we killed only six. It’s hard when you only shoot six and they will shoot 16 and a half. We figured out how to get there more. “