Hundreds of New Year’s parties involved in NYC erupt in violation of Covid-19 rules

One celebration in Queens had more than 300 supporters who “drank, sang karaoke and danced.” According to the sheriff, the congratulations went unmixed.

According to the sheriff’s to-fee, the party, like a closet, allegedly acted like a spiky asynchi, escaping the emergency, according to the sheriff’s office fee, “the employee needed to open it from the inside.”

Man Fane, the alleged organizer of the party, told CNN. Said they were not aware of the rules against gathering in large groups before the event. He said the party is for friends only and no one pays for alcohol or admission.

“It wasn’t like there should be a lot of people,” Fane said. He added that he felt the actual number of party members was much lower than the 300 estimated by the sheriff’s office fees. “Things got out of control. We don’t mean that, but it happened that way.”

Fun was disrupted by unlicensed bottle clubs, violating executive and emergency orders, and others. His wife, DJ and staff were also charged with violations, while Lounge was fined 15,000 for failing to protect health and safety.

Private indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people nationwide. Indoor dining closes in New York City, then Governv. New Covid-19 bans were announced in December by Andrew Cuomo.

Deputies raided a party in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood and found 145 people, including many According to the sheriff, the 80-person Brooklyn Fair blew music through open doors.

Office Fees shared a photo of the Soho party, showing a box of Mexican liquor made from mote champagne and patron tequila with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and Kettle One vodka. Organizers were charged 1,000 each for violating the order against the mass gathering, while the promoter was charged with breach of order and alcohol and fined 000 15,000 for failing to protect health and safety, according to the sheriff’s fee. .

The organizers of all three events were issued violations of state and city orders against non-essential gatherings, along with violations and other charges for failure to protect health and safety. It seems that no party has been charged.

Organizers of the Manhattan and Brooklyn parties could not be reached immediately by CNN.