Humboldt County Launches New Control Panel That Provides Access To Data That Has Never Been Displayed Publicly Before – Redheaded Blackbelt

On Friday night, Humboldt County introduced a new dashboard to help residents understand what is happening during the COVID-19 crisis in our community. The new panel contains visual representations of data that they have already been reporting and offers new information on data on antibodies, race and ethnicity of those infected, distribution of symptoms and more.

To access the control panel, go to and click the web-based button or the printable version. Both are light green. The first takes you to the website and the second offers a printable version.

Dashboard input

We have marked the instructions and buttons in red in this screenshot from the home page.

Below are screenshots of the information you will find on the page.

Humboldt County Press Release:

The Humboldt County Emergency Operations Center today launched a data panel at to provide updated information on COVID-19 in a format that is easier to access and understand.

This new tool will allow residents to view and track virus trends, including the number of confirmed cases over time, the county’s seven-day positivity rate, and the time it takes to double the case count. Dr. Teresa Frankovich, Humboldt County Health Officer, said she is excited to be able to share more comprehensive data with the community.

“This data better communicates important indicators that help us monitor how our county is doing in terms of COVID-19 transmission and whether we are seeing patterns of concern,” said Dr. Frankovich, adding that the dashboard it is still a work in progress. “We want to continue refining and improving the data we share, so we will add additional features when possible.”

The following information will be updated daily on the dashboard:

  • Daily total and cumulative total of tests run *
  • Daily total and accumulated total of confirmed cases
  • Cumulative total of cases recovered
  • Daily total and cumulative total of deaths
  • Cumulative total of hospitalizations
  • Transmission Summary
    • Contact a known case
    • Travel purchased
    • Community spread
    • Under investigation
  • Public Health Laboratory Test Information
    • Supply Ability
    • Test ability
    • Response time.

* As of today, the number of tests performed will be obtained from the state disease surveillance system, the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE), which includes tests conducted by the Humboldt County Public Health Laboratory, laboratories commercial, hospitals and points of care. tests performed in clinical settings. Please note that there is a delay in reporting in the CalREDIE system. Due to this change, the number of tests performed today will increase by 2,026.

Additional data will be updated every Monday, including epidemiological curve by episode date, case doubling time, seven-day positivity rate, antibody positivity rate, age distribution, race and ethnicity data, estimated test rates and estimated confirmed case rates. Data that remains virtually unchanged from week to week, such as gender distribution, mean age, symptom distribution, and gender distribution, will be updated monthly.

Read more about what these numbers mean at

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