However, to find out how to play with him: Stuart Broad names the best player he’s ever played against – cricket


English fast bowler Stuart Broad said that offroad Ben Stokes is the best player he has ever played with and that Steve Smith is the best player he has ever played against. Broad said the impact Stokes tends to have in one game in each department gives him the go-ahead over the others he has played with.

“I feel very fortunate to have the option to name a few here, but if I thought of three or four, I could go from 10 to 15,” Broad Mail said, according to a Daily Mail quote in a Q&A column in the English news channel.

“So, being brutally strict, I would have to say that Ben Stokes is the best I have ever played with, for the positive impact it can have on bat, ball and field games,” Broad said.

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As for cons? I still have to find the best way to play Steve Smith. It makes life difficult for bowlers and he is hungry for big scores. “

Both Smith and Stokes starred in the Ashes of 2019. Smith was playing his first Test series since he was ejected from all crickets after the 2018 ball-handling fiasco and crushed 774 runs in the series when Australia retained the Ashes.

Stokes was England’s top race scorer with 441 and famously scored 135 undefeated in the Headingley Test, which included a whirlwind of 76 runs for the last wicket with Jack Leach. The latter only contributed one career in the association and England won the Test by a wicket.