How to win your Gulag 1v1 | Warzone tips and tricks


What are the best ways to win Call of Duty: Warzone 1v1? Using everything from spray paints to C4, we break down the best ways to play your Gulag, ensuring you can get back into action.

Call of Duty: Warzone, the second title effort in a battle royale in so many years, has been reaching even more milestones in recent memory. With a whopping 60 million players now confirmed, it is at the top levels of the world’s most popular games.

A key and innovative aspect of Warzone is the ability to play a Gulag 1v1 once you are dead, giving players a unique opportunity to return to the game. This has been widely praised compared to other BRs, like the Fortnite reboot card or the Apex Legends banners.

Two players in Warzone Gulag
Infinity room

The Gulag is a new way to reappear in Battle Royale.

As a basic 1v1 in a small setting, many people think it is 50/50 if you win your Gulag match. However, as the best players demonstrate, there is a special ability, and there are a number of things that players can do to maximize their chances of returning.

Tip 1: know your weapon and play with it

There’s been a lot of talk about increasing the pool of weapons players can take out in the Gulag, with some even suggesting that custom charges should be enabled. However, in the current version of Warzone, there are very limited weapons that you can be equipped with. These include a series of pistols and shotguns. Learn the properties of each weapon and play with it.

If you appear with a .357 pistol or a .50 GSPlease note that you cannot spam it due to its slow firing speed and considerable recoil. You better play slowly with these, aiming and waiting for your opponent to move first. It’s also worth saying that these give one-shot headshots, meaning that if you get a chance and find an immobile opponent, aim for the head.

If it appears with a shotgun, identify it and become familiar with its operation. If you have a 725 wave R9-0Remember that you can only shoot twice before reloading or reusing the camera. Either way, after two shots you will need to find some cover or guarantee that you have killed your opponent.

Finally the Origin-12 shotgun and the 1911 and M19 The pistols offer much more range for fast shooting. If you are going to play aggressively, do so with one of these weapons. Be careful with the ammo count though, as the 1911 only has 7-round clips.

Dexerto / Barrio Infinito

The .357 (left) and R9-0 (right) require vastly different play styles.

Tip 2: stick to the edges of the Gulag

The Gulag map is quite small, which means that it is very easy to be taken by surprise by an opponent who then easily kills you. One of the best ways to avoid this is to stick to the edge of the Gulag, ideally with your back to the wall.

This will allow you to keep your field of view (FOV) as wide as possible, negating any edge. The image below shows how much of the map you can see when you keep your back against the wall and are sitting in a notch on the side of the map.

Sticking to the edge of the map means you can avoid being shot in the back.

Compare this to FOV from the center of the map, where you will also be vulnerable to fast flanks and being shot in the back.

Dexerto / Barrio Infinito

Pushing through the center of the map leaves you open to all kinds of angles.

Tip 3: don’t be afraid to use your equipment

Sure, most Gulags decide on weapons and weapon skill. But, you get gear with your load, so why wouldn’t you use it? This requires selective use on your behalf. For example, if you have no idea where your enemy is, don’t waste your stun or fragmentation by throwing it blind.

If you are previously pointing in one direction, block an alternate angle by launching your tactic. If you weaken an enemy and back off into a corner, don’t be afraid to use your C4 or Semtex to try to finish him off.

Tip 4: prepare to reach the goal

If you haven’t managed to kill your opponent after the 15-second timer runs out, the Gulag decides who to capture the flag in the center of the map. If neither player captures the flag within the time limit, the one with the most health wins.

However, you should know that touching the flag instantly regenerates your health to the maximum, as an additional incentive for players to do so. Capturing the flag is easy enough and happens very quickly, but you are left vulnerable from multiple angles. An excellent option is to hold on to a tactic or lethal, and use it to cover your back when you’re shooting.

Keep an eye on the timer throughout the round, because if you get on the flag before your opponent, your chances of winning are instantly maximized. Many players forget this and stay fighting for the map when time runs out.

Dexerto / Barrio Infinito

Capturing a target is also a way to earn your Gulag.

Tip 5: being creative can be hugely helpful

Our fifth and final tip is to be creative and not be afraid to shake things up. A good example is this big-brained Warzone trick, which involves spraying an enemy outline on the wall behind you. This can be used to draw enemies’ attention, allowing you to easily ambush them.

Another great example is spraying enemies with glossy paint before the Gulag. This will make them much more visible in the largely black and white Gulag setup. One problem with this is that you don’t know which enemy you will be facing, so you may have to work quickly and spray as many as you can find.

The last example of being creative is related to being in games with friendly players. Assuming that your entire team has just been eliminated, there is a good chance that you will end up in the same Gulag as your allies. Get a teammate on the balcony to call your enemy’s location, or you can return the favor.

Either way, friendly calls can give you the edge in any Gulag situation and allow you to anticipate your opponent’s movement before they are visible.

Dexerto / Barrio Infinito

While waiting for your Gulag, you can be of great help to your teammates.

That completes our best tips and tricks to help you win your Gulag 1v1! What creative ways have you found? Be sure to send us your best ideas on Twitter @DexertoIntel!