How To Whiten Teeth At Home: 3 Best Whitening Products


Photo: JGI / Tom Grill / Getty Images / Tetra images RF

Thanks to “stew”, fluffy coffee, turmeric lattes, red wine, or just living life, there is a good chance there will be some staining on your teeth right now. Unless you only eat pigment-free food, eating and drinking things can stain your teeth and cause a yellowish tint.

According to Dr. Marc Lowenberg, arguably the world’s most famous celebrity dentist (his clients include Christy Turlington, the Knicks, and Heidi Klum), there are two types of staining on teeth. The intrinsic staining is deep in the tooth and comes from genetics, certain medications, or decades of drinking red wine. Extrinsic stains are only surface. Unless you have a trained eye, it is difficult to identify what type of stain you have, but the extrinsic type is the only type you can treat at home. “Much of the success in teeth whitening also depends on the molecular structure of each person’s enamel, which is determined by genetics. The more porous teeth are, the better they react to whitening. The downside is that if they are more porous, they stain faster, but they also bleach faster. “