How to watch Disney movies in chronological order on Disney +

Disney + is now a streaming leader eight months after its debut on November 12 last. Since then, the service has managed to solve the technical problems that plagued them in their first two weeks.

As an example, they fixed the aspect ratio issue with older episodes of The Simpsons. They also added numerous features to make searching for favorite movies and TV shows easier.

Disney Logo + (Plus) | Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

The search functions and recommendation lists are well designed for the most part. However, what if a user wants to watch Disney movies chronologically?

This all depends on what a Disney movie designates. Since they possess Star Wars, Marvel and 20th Century Fox, any of these movies could apply. The problem is that Disney + initially made it a challenge for chronological viewing of everything.

Can you see all the movies produced by Disney in chronological order?

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Disney + offers a feature called “Disney Through the Decades”, which classifies Disney products by season. Note that this means that almost everything is produced directly through the studio, including animated shorts. Yes, this list begins with the years 1927 Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse Debut), takes viewers through the Silly Symphonies, and then individual character shorts.

Despite this designation, the shorts are incomplete. There are only short films of selected characters here and also not a complete list of Silly Symphonies. Once it reaches animated feature films, it becomes more complete.

Starting in 1937, fans will be able to see all the animated movie classics in the order they were created. It starts naturally with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and continues until 2020.

Even then, this list is not complete in everything Disney did in the way of short films, not including things produced for television. It includes some live action, by the way, for those who wonder if that part of the classic Disney is represented there.

Disney + designed this after media complaints

In December, sources like Screen Rant complained that Disney + had no way of chronologically placing their films to give a better idea of ​​the history of cinema. The old media site wrote this in late December when Disney + was still getting suggestions from people on how to make things better.

Evidence began to show as Disney was listening carefully to its users. After complaints about The Simpsons Aspect ratios caused an uproar, Disney announced that they would fix it sometime in 2020. They already have, including the addition of the “Disney Through the Decades” section.

Obviously, listening to your subscribers is the reason why Disney + is now listed as one of the world’s top downloaded apps.

However, what about all the other movie properties they own? Can you do a chronological order for them, or are they grouped together with the “Disney Through the Decades” feature?

Disney + organizes everything quite comprehensively

The good news here is that “Disney Through Decades” has everything it owns, whether or not Disney originally made it. Yes this means Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and 20th Century Fox movies are grouped together in each era.

Using this feature will only allow you to see each Disney property in the order in which they were made. Anyway, they also have some other sections that organize individual movie franchises.

For example, the platform created “Collection” boxes where specific franchises are grouped. Star Wars it is finally organized as a series of nine chapters in its own collection section. Marvel is done the same way, even if the selection is still limited to the available MCU movies.

As an alternative, there are many other online sources that compile all Disney products manufactured per year. Looking at those sources, Disney fans will soon see that Disney + still has a way to go to include everything they ever created for the big screen or television.