How to return your rented textbooks from home


After two strenuous months at Zoom University, the strangest Penn State semester in recent memory has finally come to an end.

Now that your exams have been taken and your classes are done, you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do with those textbooks you rented months ago. Fortunately, most textbook retailers have plans in place to help those who cannot venture to State College any time soon.

Penn State Bookstore

To help accommodate the many challenges students face, the Penn State Bookstore extended its check-in date to August 26, the first week of school for the fall 2020 semester.

If you have access to your rented textbooks, go to the Penn State Bookstore website to print your own shipping labels. Once your information is entered correctly, you can return your books by mail using the labels they have provided. You will need to submit your books before the now extended billing date passes.

Student bookstore

The Penn State Student Library on College Ave. offers the same rental return date May 15. The Student Library will also accept returns through USPS, FedEx or UPS. There will be no late fees on packages postmarked before May 15.

Student Book Store will work in different circumstances with each customer for students who have difficulty retrieving their textbooks due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Amazon is extending the expiration dates of all rental return services for an additional 30 days after their original expiration date at no additional cost. Your return process will remain the same. Students can print their shipping labels through the Amazon Online Returns Center.

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