How to make lasagna from scratch that also without oven


Bored of eating the same type of food every day, then give your taste buds a touch of flavor. In the name of Italian delicacies, most of us end up gorging ourselves on the same white sauce or past red sauce in such a way that even our taste buds get bored of our food choices. Well, if you too can relate to the same sentiment, here is something to please your palate and make your soul happy.

You literally don’t need to be a food connoisseur to achieve this authentic Italian delight – you only have a few ingredients in place and voila! With the prolonged lock, feeling sadness and changing this sinking feeling is no exception, most people are trying to cook. After all, it’s time to relax with the family and mingle with good food!

Well, this prolonged lockout has taught us a lesson in leading life in a minimalist way, so why not apply the same rules to our kitchen? Therefore, we thought about sharing a lasagna recipe that you can make at home without an oven and take your soul on a nostalgic journey through the Italian boulevards.