How to get Radianite points



Valorant is the new competitive multiplayer game from Riot Games. Currently in closed beta, Valorant has his in-game store open for players to purchase weapon skins. Here it is how to get Radianite points in Valorant.

How to get Radianite points in Valorant

At Valorant there are two ways to earn Radianite points. The first is to get them in the closed beta battle pass that levels up after each game based on their performance.

Certain levels of that pass will give the player around 20 Radianite points. The other way to earn Radianite points is to buy them for real money. 20 Radianite points will cost you $ 20.

These points can be used to level up certain weapon skins. For example, the Reaver Vandal mask can level up four times, each time it levels up it unlocks a new cosmetic part of the gun.

Not all weapon skins in Valorant will be able to level up, so unless you have purchased a mask from the store, you probably don’t have to worry about Radianite points.

Valorant announced that at the end of the closed beta, which is still underway, they will clean the whiteboard and give players 20% additional money on top of what they purchased during the beta.

Be sure to visit the store every day to find deals or new weapon designs you may be looking for. It is updated daily around 8 p.m. ITS T.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to earn Radianite points in Valorant.

  1. Level up the battle pass.

    You can win them by playing matches and gaining experience

  2. Buy them.

    In the store tab, you can buy them for real money.

Well that’s all you need to know how to get Radianite points in Valorant. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to stay connected with Twinfinite.