How to get Lockdown E-Pass for Covid-19 Lockdown


How can you get Lockdown E-Pass during covid 19 lockdown? Many state governments are giving citizens the opportunity to sign up for an electronic pass on their website. At the same time, many governments have issued mobile or WhatsApp numbers for this.

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As long as the closure continues, people will remain incarcerated in their homes. People will have a phone, social networks to pass the time.

Electronic Lock Pass

The blockade imposed until April 14 in India has been extended to May 3 today. The government has imposed strict restrictions on people who provide essential services and everything except emergencies. These steps are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, that is, the coronavirus. The virus has now been declared a global pandemic. Relief in this blockade has been provided to those who provide essential services, while ordinary people will be exempt only in emergencies. Many governments and Union territories are offering electronic passes for this relief. You can obtain these electronic passes online.

Electronic Lock Pass

In this article we will tell you how you can get the COVID-19 electronic pass during blocking. Many state governments are giving citizens the opportunity to sign up for an electronic pass on their website. At the same time, many governments have issued mobile or WhatsApp numbers for this.

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How to get the electronic pass during blocking?

1. First go to your state’s official e-pass Lockdown website.

2. Go to the website and click “Apply”.

3. Why do you need an electronic pass now? Give reasons for this. Explain that each state’s website may also request different user information. For example, the Maharashtra e-pass website requests your photo ID, valid organization documents, medical reports and company identification, which must be attached to the application.

4. After submission, this request will be reviewed by the local police and then the pass will be issued.

5. If something goes wrong when filling out the application, the user can go to the local police station and rectify the error. With the app, you will be issued a unique token ID.

How to know the status of the e-pass application?

1. Once the request is submitted, the user can check the status of their request by accessing the e-pass website and entering the unique ID.

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2. After approval of the electronic pass, officials will send the message to the user’s phone.

3. Users can also print this electronic pass. Whenever you leave the house, keep this pass with you.

List of e-pass websites for state and union territories

Arunachal Pradesh
Go to
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir
west of bengal
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh

People from other states and union territories can contact their district officer and obtain an electronic pass.

How to request the electronic pass on WhatsApp?

In addition to the website, the Delhi government has also issued a WhatsApp number for the electronic pass, where people can submit an electronic pass request by sending a message. These numbers are-

Eastern District: 8447200084, 8375878007

Northeast District: 9540895489, 8860425666

Central District: 7428336279, 7428210711

New Delhi District: 9540675392, 9873743727

Northern District: 8595298706, 8595354861

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Shahdara District: 8595272697, 8595274068

Southeast District: 8595246396, 8595258871

Western District: 9414320064, 8595252581

Southern District: 9599649266, 9643150027

Southwestern District: 9971518387, 9971526953

Northwest District: 8595559117, 8595543375

To submit an application, you must send your name, address, reason for the electronic pass, time, copy of proof of identification and information of the train number to the WhatsApp number above. Local authorities will issue you a pass after the investigation.