How to get gold armor



While most clothing at Animal Crossing New Horizons can be purchased at the Able Sisters store, there are a few items that are sourced in different ways. One of these elements is the elegant gold armor. Here it is How to get the gold armor in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to get gold armor in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you want to look like a chivalrous knight in New Horizons, you will want the golden armor. Since this item is never sold in the Able Sisters store, you will have to make it.

However, you won’t be able to create it until you’ve found and learned the DIY recipe. Fortunately, the recipe can be found in several ways.

The most common way to find the DIY recipe for this armor is to receive it from one of your villagers. They may randomly give you a recipe as they walk your island, but there is actually another way to receive a recipe from them.

If you enter a villager’s house while they are at home, there is a chance that you may find them working hard to build something on their work table. Usually there is a villager who makes something every day. If you talk to that villager, they will share a crafting recipe with you.

crafting gold armor

The recipe you get is totally random, but there is a chance that you can receive the DIY Gold Armor recipe through this method. Any villager can give it to you, but it seems like there is a greater chance that villagers with Snooty personality will give this recipe.

The DIY Gold Armor recipe can also be found on floating balloons and bottle messages. If you are looking for this recipe be sure to use your slingshot to pop every balloon you see and search for bottles on your beaches every day.

Once you have found and learned the DIY recipe for gold armor, you still have to craft it. You will need eight gold nuggets to make the armor. If you need help finding Gold Nuggets, we cover it with a guide on how to get them quickly.

After you have collected eight gold nuggets, you can head to your crafting table to make your own gold armor.

That is all you need to know how to get gold armor at Animal Crossing New Horizons. For more tips, tricks, and guides, visit our New Horizons guide wiki.