How to easily unlock diamond rocket launchers in Black Ps Cold War

Is there anything better than the powerful machine gun drilling holes by your opponent? Well BOCW has a few of them, and here we see how they are against each other.

Definitely a must for any first person shooter guns that provide amazing feedback and look fantastic when you use them. The ARS is the pinnacle of deadly weapons because it is a highly rounded killing machine.

Like every Call of Duty game, one or two become instant fan-favorites and become the weapon of choice for most players. Treyark’s BOCW is no different and it is possible to find a better selection of more likely assault rifles to come.

Black Cold PS Cold War ranked best assault rifles are here.

5. QBZ-83

It is a solid enough weapon, with the right rigidity and a fairly standard fire rate. Its only major disadvantage is that it does not have the largest firepower in the world.

All of these weapons can be sorted through attachments and customization choices through the throat, but the CubZ-83 didn’t make anything special, as it didn’t fill anything right and catch the eye.

CubZ-83 in BCW

4. AK-47

World-renowned industry-standard assault rifle. This promotes tried and tested numb supreme firepower and will quickly eliminate your enemies. But as always, the gun retreats terribly and kicks harder than an angry mule herd. His fire rate is a bit slow, and he doesn’t even have time to fire or an extra bullet is needed to win.

ak-47 in bocw

3. FFAR1

One of the first meta-weapons of the game. The insane rate of fire in nearby Shennigan is fatal, but its initial Godlike condition has been incomplete ever since. Almost all of its key figures were reduced and as a result its usefulness has suffered. It’s still a fantastic weapon and connections with a little precision can be a powerful killer in hardcore.

2. XM4

This gets a great deal of approval from Go-Go. While a lot of people initially gravitated towards MP3, there we got the reassurance of early learning-ropes in XM4 because its versatility is a winner. The case can be argued that the bunch is the most rounded AR and can be modified differently for great effect.

1. Krig-6

The Craig-6 is simply a bonafide, laser-targeted animal. Its initial accuracy is already something to write home and give your friends joy about it. But once you start customizing this miniature star destroyer, it becomes violently clear why this is the best assault rifle to use. Leveling up the creag up ASAP is key because you can practically cancel its seasons, increase its clip, and create a ruthless beast.

Craig-6 in BogW

It completes our list. Call Call D Duty: This is the best assault rifle in the Black Ps Cold War.

Would you probably be better off with an AK-47? Or is Crig-6 crude for you? Let us know.

Image Credits: Treyark