How to delete blank cells in Excel / Google sheets


(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

When working with large amounts of data in Excel or Google Sheets, even the simple task of removing all the blank cells in your worksheet could become a daunting task. Yes You have to do it manually. A quick and painless way to clean up your spreadsheet in Excel is to use the Go To Special function. This tool will help you identify all the empty cells in your document and delete them all at once. While this makes it an easy option to use, be aware that it can cause misalignment in your document. To be sure, you should forever save a backup of your document before you start deleting cells. It’s also best to delete entire rows or multiple columns to avoid messing up the order of your data.

If you use Google Sheets, you can use Filter to remove blank rows or blank cells in one column; This method also works in Excel.

How to delete blank cells in Excel using Go to special