How To Cut Your Own Fringe


If there’s one thing lockdown has forced us to become, it’s an at-home beauty pro in super quick time. Whether it’s topping up our roots with some DIY hair dyeing, or learning how to remove our grown out gel manicure (without picking it off) and replacing it with some fresh new nail art, our need for beauty know-how has suddenly snowballed.

Next on the list? Learning how to cut our own fringes. Because when you’re working from home, a nostril-skimming fringe that’s more like curtains than cute bangs is not a good look for your morning Zoom meeting.

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But, before you take the kitchen scissors to your lengths and end up with an unintentional micro fringe, it’s best to get some guidance from a pro. Enter A-list hairstylist and cool-girl hair creator, Larry King.

From taking it slow, to leaving it longer than you want, read on for Larry’s expert guide to cutting your own fringe at home …

How To Cut Your Own Fringe

Larry’s Step By Step Guide

1.Section correctly

      ‘Despues de wetting your hair, always section your fringe off, so the rest of your hair is nowhere near where you want to cut. This way your fringe will be the only thing you are looking at and working on.

      ‘This section tends to be a triangle shape which goes back 2 inches from the forehead and comes down to the side of your eyebrows – this is the section that is your fringe.

      ‘Any wider than your eyebrows means you are taking hair away from the side of your face and it will open the face up more, which we don’t want.’

      how to cut your fringe

      Matteo Valle

      2. Always leave your fringe longer than your desired length

      ‘The aim when cutting your fringe is to maintain as much length as possible. So, instead of cutting it to the length you desire, leave it 1cm longer. When you blowdry it, the hair will jump up, so while it’s wet, leave it longer than you would want. ‘

      3. Use a comb to hold your fringe in place when cutting

      ‘Always be gentle when holding the section of hair you’re cutting. A comb doesn’t hold as much tension as your fingers, so you aren’t pulling down on the hair which means it will spring up less, giving you a more accurate length. ‘

      how to cut your fringe

      Matteo Scarpellini

      4. Always cut vertically into the hair, not horizontally

      ‘When you start to cut your fringe you have to make sure your scissors are cutting vertically. Never cut across! Cutting vertically gives movement to the hair and makes the fringe a lot softer. ‘ Start cutting in the middle and work out. ‘

      5. Cut in an arc, not a straight line

      ‘When creating shape, don’t cut straight across, instead try to create an arc. You want to aim for your fringe to be longer at the sides and shorter in the middle. ‘

      6. Never cut any shorter than bridge of your nose

      ‘… or where your nose meets your forehead.’

      how to cut your fringe

      Matteo Scarpellini

                How to cut your fringe if you have curly hair …

                Cutting your own fringe is tricky enough but when your hair changes from straight when wet to curly when it’s dry, it can be easy to go too far with trimming.

                ‘Determine your hair type before you start cutting!’, Cautions King. ‘Anyone with wavy or curly hair needs to leave their fringe at least 2 cms longer, rather than 1cm when it’s wet as it will jump up once it’s dried.’