How to customize the cursor and more



  • The new Magic Keyboard for Apple iPad Pro is here
  • Expensive accessory can be used to maximize use of iPad Pro
  • Here are some tips and tricks to use it.

Now that Apple’s new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 2020 (and 2018) is here, it’s time for users to make the most of it.

Here are some tips and tricks to maximize the use of the new Magic Keyboard. These are meant to help the average user get the most out of expensive accessories for their iPad Pros.

Have an ESC key

Apple decided to remove the Escape key on the new Magic Keyboard, MacRumors noted. Those who tend to use frequently, then, will find their removal disappointing. Fortunately, there is a way to have an Escape key on the new accessory.

Users first need to connect the Magic Keyboard to iPad Pro, then go to Configurations > general > Keyboard > Hardware keyboard > Modifier keys. Once there, users must select a key they want to use as an escape key, then choose Escape on the next screen. This reassigns that key as the new Escape key.

Someone who tried to remap the keys and use the Command + period keys as an alternative to the Esc key noticed that it doesn’t work on certain sites like Netflix and YouTube.

Customize cursor behavior

The latest version of iPadOS allows users to customize how the trackpad cursor will look and behave. Users can modify it to have a different color, size, scroll speed and more. Users can modify them by going to Configurations > Accessibility > Pointer control.

Full keyboard access

Those who prefer to use keyboard shortcuts than continually tapping or gesturing on the iPad Pro screen can do so through the Full Keyboard Access menu. This allows users to replicate gestures, functions, and more using the keyboard. Users can do this by going to Configurations > Accessibility > Keyboards > Full keyboard access.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard The new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Photo: apple

Tap to click

Those who loved using the Tap-to-Click feature on the MacBook’s touchpad can also do so on the Magic Keyboard’s built-in touchpad. This can be enabled by going to Configurations > general > Trackpadand activating the switch next to Tap to click. This allows users to click anything on the screen with a simple tap on the touchpad.

Easel mode

Creatives who use iPad Pro to draw will love how the new Magic Keyboard can act as a kind of easel stand. To do this, users will need to hold iPad Pro horizontally, place the bottom edge of the device against the ridge at the bottom of the last row of keys, then rest the device against the Magic Keyboard cover.