How to create a strong password that you can really remember? Google has an idea: it’s viral


The Internet is full of memes and jokes about password flaws, and they show that despite using the Internet, there are still many people who have yet to learn how to expand their password set. If you are sailing on the same boat then this Google India tweet can bring you some relief and in the process help you create a password that is not only secure but also fun.

On Twitter, Google devised an ingenious way how to create and remember a strong password. “If you’re looking for ideas,” the tech giant tweeted. Then they wrote that one needs to coin a new word and add it to the “number of dishes cooked in the running”, “favorite special character” and “last song on their jhadu time playlist”. And voila, there is your unique password.

Take a look at the tweet:

A few days ago, Google turned to Instagram to share why people around the world are clapping for the word. It turns out that this year the search for the word “applause” has hit a record and India is among the third on the list of countries where people most searched for it.