How to buy Mahindra Scorpio, XUV500 and more online: the comprehensive sales platform explained


Since most manufacturers are trying to introduce online platforms to allow customers to reserve and buy cars from home, Mahindra is trying to offer a more comprehensive approach with its “Own-Online” platform to further facilitate the process.

The world has been forced to practice social distancing following the outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus pandemic. People have been forced to stay home to contain the spread of the virus, and nations around the world have been under blockade. India has not been the exception, as the blockade has been applied since March 24, which continues to this day. While the virus may still be at large, everyday life and businesses must continue to operate, with additional security precautions, of course. Almost all Indian automakers have decided to use online platforms and digitized methods to interact with customers for sales and after-sales services for a more secure and contactless experience.

Mahindra and Mahindra recently launched their online platform for the same call “Own-Online”. Mahindra’s Own-Online appears to be one of the most comprehensive websites offered by a manufacturer in India. The platform seeks to offer some key elements that are not offered by other automakers in India with a simple 4-step process.

The four steps include exploring and customizing, getting exchange quotes, choosing finance and insurance options, and final payment and delivery. But what sets the Mahindra platform apart from the others is that it also allows potential customers to see the road or transaction prices offered by dealers, along with a full breakdown with components like registration, road taxes and insurance. It also offers discount offers that customers can take advantage of.

Through the four stages of the sales experience, customers can choose from Mahindra’s current model range that includes the KUV100, XUV300, XUV500, Scorpio, Bolero and Alturas G4. Mahindra is offering customers a 360-degree interior and exterior view of the vehicle with accessories and customization options as well. Along with which, a time slot is also provided for a personalized online product demo.

In the preselection phase, you can even consult an expert who can guide you through the best option with deals and schemes that are available on the Mahindra vehicle you have selected.

Once the online reservation has been processed, you can explore the financial and insurance options that are available to the customer. At this stage, it also provides the provision of an exchange offer quote for any existing vehicle that the customer wishes to exchange.

Finally, the road price is provided with the division of the total cost to the customer. Once processed, the order is placed and the vehicle will be delivered to the customer’s door at a later date.

Many automakers in India offer some of the features that Mahindra offers with its online solutions. But it seems the new Mahindra online platform is trying to offer one of the most comprehensive experiences yet.

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