How to block calls, text messages and spam emails on your iPhone forever



Tired of being bothered by constant messages or calls?

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Tired of ignoring non-stop calls and messages from someone who just doesn’t understand the clue? Whether it’s a lawyer, a former, or a local business that won’t leave you alone, you have the option to block a phone number or email address on your iPhone Provides relief from possible alert attack. With just a few taps on his iPhone you can block someone who calls you, sends you messages or sends you an email and they will never know you did it.

Personally, I have used the built-in iPhone tool to stop automatic calls that kept coming even after setting up various apps and services designed to block them. I also blocked a local car dealer who calls me once a week to double check a car I no longer own, even though I repeatedly told them that.

This is how you can get rid of those annoying calls and messages once and for all.


It only takes a few taps to block a phone number, email address, or contact so that they cannot reach you.

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Block a phone number, email address or contact

The process of blocking someone can be done in four different applications, each following similar steps. You don’t have to go through the process multiple times to block the same number or email from all applications. Block someone in one app and they will be blocked in the four apps listed below.

  • Phone: Find the phone number or contact you want to block in the Recent tab, then touch the “i” button next to the option. Select Block this call at the bottom of the screen and confirm your choice.
  • Facetime: Tap the “i” next to the contact, phone number, or email address you want to block. Scroll to the bottom of the page, tap Block this call and confirm your choice.
  • Message: Open the conversation and touch the contact at the top of the screen. Then select the “i” and then touch the name, phone number, or email address. At the bottom of the page there will be a Block this call button; touch it and confirm.
  • Mail: Open the message that includes the person you want to block, touch the email address you want to block, then select Block this contact.

If you don’t use the Apple Mail app, but instead use Gmail or Outlook, blocking someone in Mail will not have an impact on your messages appearing in your inbox.


You don’t have to deal with constant calls from the same number.

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What happens when you block someone?

When someone is blocked in FaceTime, Messaging, or the Phone app, incoming calls will go directly to voicemail. They can even leave you a message that will be displayed silently in the Voicemail section of the Phone app, but hidden in a Blocked messages section.

FaceTime messages or calls will not appear on your Apple devices, and the person who blocked will not receive an alert or wiser. They will have the impression that you are ignoring them.

By blocking someone in the Mail app, their messages will go to the trash folder of that respective email account.


You can unlock someone as easy as you blocked them, if you change your mind.

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View your block list or unlock someone

If you have a change of mind and want to remove someone from the block list, you will need to open the Configurations application and select Phone, Facetime, Messages or Mail of the list. The first three teams will each have a Blocked contacts configuration, while Mail will have a Blocked option.

Regardless of the settings page you use, when you find the person you want to unlock, swipe left on the list name.

Your blocked list is the same on your phone, FaceTime email, and messages, so you don’t need to visit every app and delete the contact every time. You can remove someone from the phone settings page, and they will be removed from Messages, FaceTime and Mail (or vice versa).

After getting rid of annoying messages and calls, learn How to prevent most automatic calls from reaching your phone. You can also go extreme and prevent all incoming calls from unknown numbers from ringing on your phone. Silencing unknown calls is just one of many new features in iOS 13.

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