How to achieve better business results through social contribution


Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram or browsing our email inboxes, the current crisis has tuned us into what brands do and say. Calmly, our personal values ​​are near the surface: Is that letter from the CEO out of touch or appropriately optimistic? Marketing campaigns that don’t skip a beat as the world changes quickly can seem cheeky, and dull feelings of tone can quickly spur unsubscribe.

But it’s not all mistakes and missteps! Brands that affirm a strong mission and communication strategy can build pride and loyalty in their communities, driving long-term financial goals. While this is not a trivial question in challenging economic times, aligning with your brand purpose, whether it is streamlining your customers’ workflow or improving your day-to-day operation, will steer your marketing activity in the right direction.

We will address the relationship between social impact and business results at our online event, Re: Brand Couch Conference. Connect to listen to Rich Pierson, Co-Founder and CEO of Headspace, discuss what offering free access to your mindfulness app can mean for your business. With a company mission to improve the health and happiness of the world, can doing the right thing for the community also be a victory for the company?

Re: Brand is our online event that covers everything related to branding and digital marketing during the coronavirus crisis. We will explore what we can do now and in the coming months to evolve, recover, and contribute to the common good. Don’t miss out on these motivating sessions to help you get started! Sign up to join us online at Re: Brand Couch Conference on May 29.

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