How New York Giants Influence Jamal Adam’s Business Lawsuits

Safety talent Jamal Adams has made it clear that he would like to leave the New York Jets, and many have wondered what led to the seemingly hopeless rift.

Some have suggested it is because the relationship between Adams and head coach Adam Gase has deteriorated, but ESPN member Jeff Darlington recently reported that there is much more to it than that.

Adams’ request for a long-term contract with a lot of money isn’t exactly out of the norm, but there is an emotional driving force behind it. Security not only wants the money to guarantee financial security, but they want it now because of what happened to their father, George Adams, with the New York Giants.

“His father, George Adams, with whom he is very close, was drafted by the New York Giants in 1985 as a first-round pick,” Darlington said during an appearance Saturday on SportsCenter. “The following year in training camp, after having a fairly solid rookie season, he suffered a serious hip injury that ended his career. George Adams has since had two hip replacement surgeries. He was never paid, Essentially big bucks for his NFL career, Jamal Adams looks at that situation and says, “I need to get paid as soon as possible because you never know when this game is taken from you.”

“Maybe a little explanation of why he’s so upset with the Jets, that he thinks they told him in January that they were going to extend it in the long term and never did.” On the Jets’ side, Adams has two years remaining on his contract. It feels early to pay a guy who is in a friendly relationship with the team right now. You could see both sides. But certainly when you add that personal side of the story with Jamal Adams, you begin to understand why he is so passionate and motivated to get that money. “

George Adams did not retire immediately after his hip injury in 1986, he remained in the NFL until the 1991 season, but never regained his first-round form, and, as Darlington noted, never received a long-term contract with a lot of money. .

Even with those emotions and that second-hand experience up front, the Jets have made it clear that they have no desire or intention to trade Adams, who has named Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa. Bahia as acceptable destinations.