How much does Sima Taparia charge to find its clients the perfect partner

Matchmaker Sima Taparia rose to fame thanks to Netflix docuseries Indian matchmaking who follows various singles on a quest to find a life partner.

Taparia’s marriage was arranged when she was 19 years old. Today she lives in the Worli neighborhood in Mumbai with her husband for almost four decades. She runs her matchmaking business away from home and travels across India and America to meet her clients. So how much does it cost to establish the perfect match?

Sima Taparia from 'Indian Matchmaking'
Sima Taparia from ‘Indian Matchmaking’ | Yash Ruparelia / Netlfix

Taparia answers that question and addresses the violent reaction the program has had since it was launched on the broadcast platform.

Sima Taparia addresses criticism of the show

If Taparia seems familiar it is because he was in another documentary. The matchmaker appeared in the 2017 document A suitable girl which detailed her daughter’s experience with an arranged marriage. After finishing filming, director Smriti Mundhra decided to contact some of Taparia’s clients and see if they agreed to film their trip, and so Indian matchmaking was born.

While the latest series has become a huge success, it also received criticism for issues of colorism and sexism.

“I thank all my viewers for their love. It has been really great to read reviews and messages from social networks. I also love my fans, ”Taparia said of the reaction the show has had.

Regarding the backlash, he told Pinkvilla: “I always take everything positive. It makes me stronger. ”

She charges personalized rates for each client

The question on the minds of many after seeing how Taparia establishes possible matches is: How much does he charge for his services?

The matchmaker explains that what really sets her apart from dating apps is “I get to the bottom of things, uncovering all the inside stories, family values, and other similar details you would never get when looking at a person’s online profile ”

Taparia has never announced his business. Instead, their clientele has come by word of mouth.

“All my clients come from people I have met socially or from other satisfied clients,” he said.

He also revealed that he will not work with anyone and does not charge a flat fee for his services.

“I only work with high profile clients. In India, when I meet clients, they usually have a functional wedding budget in mind. So, based on that golden number, I quote my price that I charge as a lump sum, ”Taparia revealed to CNT.

Will there be a second season of ‘Indian Matchmaking’?

Fans of the show have been wondering if there will be a season 2, but so far that decision has not been made.

Mundhra has everything to direct another season if Netflix gives him the green light, but it is unknown when filming could start, as the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) would certainly complicate matters.

Currently, Taparia has kept its business going during this time by having potential meetings through Zoom and WhatsApp, as face-to-face meetings are not yet possible in various areas.

Season 1 of Indian matchmaking It is currently streaming on Netflix.

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