Hoping to get dozens of vaccines shows up to Ford Field without an appointment

Detroit – On Thursday, following several shows at the Ford Field Mass vaccination site, officials called to say anyone who arrived at the site at 6 p.m. would be vaccinated.

Dozens of people on Friday expressed the same hope that this would happen.

“I thought it was worth it for the shot and if it wouldn’t work, no big deal,” Rob Traxler said.

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Trexler and his wife left New Hudson to wait and see, but not everyone was as backward as they were.

When police and Ford area personnel told the crowd that there were no survivors, some officers were having a hard time and they did not want to take leave, which could be a problem as undocumented waiters could slow down the process for recruits. .


People are advised to wait in their car, or from the side, and not in line if no one wants to check if there is an extra vaccine.

The Detroit Institute of Arts will be closed to the public until April 2, with increasing cases of COVID-19.

In addition, the St. Clair County Department of Health sent out a bulletin, recommending that people work from home if possible, and a strict removal strategy for those workers if not possible.