Hollywood is accused of using assets, attachments to get coronavirus vaccine

After 10 months in the global epidemic, a coronavirus vaccine is slowly being rolled out to American citizens.

Since the vaccine is being distributed by the government, each state is empowered to develop a distribution plan, with people of a certain age, health restrictions or occupations considered a high priority for vaccination.

In California, the home for showbiz – which has been struggling since the onset of the epidemic – health workers and citizens over the age of 65 are eligible to be vaccinated by one of two recognized options, depending on the variety.

The rollout plan has been widely criticized for its slow pace, but it doesn’t stop some Hollywood titans from using their own resources to get vaccinated for themselves – money, fame, connections or even private jets.

Stars who received the Covid-19 vaccine

Sources told the outlet that the music industry mogul Irving Ezof, 73 73 and deserves to be vaccinated on its own, is facilitating the vaccination of people close to it.

“I have survived cancer for 73 years. I recently had my bowel removed. I really got the vaccine, and I’m glad I did,” Azoff said in a statement to Variety. “Everyone eligible should be vaccinated as soon as possible.”

He has been criticized for the slow rollout of California's distribution plan for the COVID-19 vaccine.  (Getty Images by Al Saeeb / Los Angeles Times)

He has been criticized for the slow rollout of California’s distribution plan for the COVID-19 vaccine. (Getty Images by Al Saeeb / Los Angeles Times)
(Getty Images)

Didn’t confirm if anyone else was inoculated.

Newport Beach, California. Neurological spine surgeon Dr. Robert Bray is said to have recommended the vaccination of several notable individuals, including Azoff. Sources claim that the doctor is making rounds in powerful circles through a referral by Robert Goldstein, executive chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the sources claimed.

Bray told Fox News that his practice does not function as a door service and that when he has been approached by industry insiders, he has not vaccinated any of them.

In addition, he said his practice is adhering to the state’s tire system and allocating any “extra” amounts at the discretion of the practice, although such amounts are “very rare”.

The doctor said he knew Goldstein, but told Variety that because of HIPPA, he could not disclose whether he was treating his contacts.

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Additionally, in Beverly Hills, Drs. Robert Huizenga told Variety that his practice has been offered more than 10,000 10,000 by people – some of whom are employees of the entertainment industry – in exchange for vaccinations.

“We have been bribed. We have seen people taking planes everywhere,” he explained. “We’ve seen people temporarily try to get into the health care business or the staff of nursing homes, so they qualify for the initial vaccination.”

The doctor added, “You can’t really blame [industry figures] For pulling out all stops. The state and the government have set up a system that is really awful. “

According to reports of diversity, Dr. Ro, Program Director of UCLA’s Executive Health Program. Robert Assell has been bombed with requests for vaccinations in the Westside neighborhood of LA.

President Biden is hoping that 1.5 million coronavirus vaccines will be given every day in a few weeks.  (AP Photo / Alex Brandon)

President Biden is hoping that 1.5 million coronavirus vaccines will be given every day in a few weeks. (AP Photo / Alex Brandon)
((AP Photo / Alex Brandon))

A member of the service said UCLA is operating extremely through the book and has not given a single shot to the door patients.

A spokesman added: “There are no criteria for determining the entitlement of a philanthropic vaccine, and there are no programs or alternatives to bypass UCLA’s vaccination priorities on health. “Employees, then and and older patients are at the highest risk depending on their medical conditions. As supplies grow and guidelines expand, we are ready to increase the number of people being offered the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

Members of the Board of Regents, including UCLA’s United Talent Agency co-chair Jay Sears, Mandal Entertainment CEO Peter Guber, and former Paramount Pictures chief Street Lensing, have received calls from industry friends to inquire about vaccinations.

Lansing told Fox News that “absolutely no one” in the entertainment industry or outside has asked her to cross when it comes to vaccinating her, and when she discusses vaccinations with contacts, she is more of an informal, friend-counselor or Conversation of friends rather than information capacity.

Beverly Hills celebrity pharmacy Mickey Fine has also told patients via an audio Dio message that they have not yet received the vaccines for distribution.

Coronavirus Vaccination Division: State-by-State BREAKDOWN

Insiders also told the outlet that some industry employees such as managers, producers, agents and even directors have focused on getting vaccines for Tara’s family members.

“It’s the ‘Hunger Games’ there,” said an anonymous industry executive.

Some have chosen to look beyond California for help.

Former Dick Clark Productions CEO Len Lane Shapiro, 73, went on a private flight to find a vaccine. Vaccination in the state has been the subject of a hot button since the government recently allowed Ron Descent to vaccinate patients without proof of residency, but was overturned by state surgeon general Scott Rivakiz. Sources said Shapiro owns assets in the state.

Former Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons, 72, recently confirmed that he had flown from New York to Flya for the vaccine.

There is another hotspot for native passengers to get treatment.

However, it is worth noting that some Hollywood heavyweights are doing their due diligence, as a high-powered shift Hollywood man was seen waiting in line at Daggers Jersey Stadium for so long, a witness thought Executive Tesla’s battery might run out. , Outlet

In fact, Harrison Ford of Har Har had booked his appointment for his vaccination and waited in line for hours for treatment while 73-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger, 75, Steve Martin and more stars shared vaccination experiences online.

A media executive who once worked as a healthcare employee told Variety, “Industry people in these positions should use their power to help and heal the system, not harm it. “

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The director of the Department of Medical Ethics at NYU School of Medicine, Dr. Art Capla said it was “bad behavior” to take such action.

He said, “He should not be forgiven. We should find ways to punish him.” “We have 91-year-old Waiting King waiting, health care workers waiting. Those who are rich can easily find quarantine, masks and ways to stay apart for another month or so, and more. [vaccines] Will be available. “

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UCLA and Sears did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News while Guber and Goldstein could not be reached immediately.