Social psychology research suggests that Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers are unlikely to finish third overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, if past behavior predicts future behavior, social psychology research suggests.

Schnahans has been wary of mobile quarterbacks

Kyle Shanahan was the offensive coordinator when the Washington Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III at the start of the fourth round of the same draft, the 2012 NFL Draft and the second overall pick in the Kirk Cousins, leaving many scratching at whether the team would pick. Quarterback soon after the draft that many people considered a franchise quarterback in RGIII.

It later became known that Mike Shanahan was offended and was willing to support Dan Schneider’s RGIII preferential treatment and Kirk’s cousins ​​easily, and Mike Shanahan clearly expressed concern about the potential injury of running quarterback RGIII when Kirk did not steal. Passing in his senior season, RGII ran for 699 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns.

The San Francisco 49ers were the head coaches when the San Francisco 49ers went through to select Solomon Thomas and later to select a quarterback in the third round. In his junior season at Texas Tech, Mahoms had a 285-yard rush and 12 rushing touchdowns; Deshaun Watson had 629 yards rushing and 9 rushing touchdowns in the final season at Clemson.

Shanahans has asked for quarterbacks who are not running

Kirk Cousins ​​ran for his senior senior season zero zeroards and zero touchdowns, and CJ Beathard ran for 13 13 yards and two touchdowns in his senior season. A year before his trade for 49 years, Jimmy Garoppolo was rushing in 6 yards and had a zero touchdown and history has shown Kyle Schnahan to pick quarterbacks with non-existent games.

Justin Fields and Tray Trains have running games

Justin Fields ran for 484 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns and 383 yards and 5 rushing touchdowns in 6 short games in his junior season. The tray lens ran 1100 yards and 14 rushing touchdowns in its softmore season.

Will history repeat itself?

The preconceived notion is that San Francisco has gone up three to take a quarterback and if this comes out Kyle Shanahan will go for a quarterback once again which is not a feature of the ongoing game and will go through a more traditional pocket. In the mold of Kirk Cousins ​​or CJ Beathardt?

Some, including Shanahan’s friend Chris Sims, have mentioned Mac Jones as a possibility for the Niners. McJones had 14 yards in a rushing touchdown in his junior season.

History does not need to repeat itself

He says that doing the same thing again and expecting another result is the definition of madness and man has allowed him to change his mind, but is it the first time that Shanah has the flexibility and enthusiasm to break the mold and ax to choose a mobile quarterback? Some think so.

Ninar fans who are thirsty for dynamic playmaker in the quarterbacks are praying that history will not repeat itself and the idea that Shanahan will not take the tray lens or Justin Fields is a cool one, which will not age well.

Because if the San Francisco 49ers add a mobile quarterback to the hands of Tray Lens or Justin Fields, the rest of the NFL could be in trouble.